Revolutionary All Purpose Gluten-Free Flour

Gluten-Free All Purpose Flour

Replaces Wheat Flour 1:1gluten free flour

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  • "I just recently tried your gluten free all purpose flour and wanted to tell you that I really, really like it. I've only been eating gluten free for about 6 months and pizza has been hard to get right. I made pizza crust using the recipe on the package and really liked it, probably the best one I've made yet. I also used this flour tonight in a gluten free cornbread recipe and it was the best cornbread I've ever had. Thanks so much for making such a delicious flour, I can't wait to try other recipes with it!"

  • "Just wanted to let you know I have recommended your flour on my blog. I made some amazing Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins this morning and I'm definitely completely in love with your flour. I couldn't tell at ALL that they were made with gluten free flour..."

  • "We just tried your Dolch Gluten Free flour in pancakes. It was even better than you told me it would be. I actually thought it was better than regular flour. We used the recipe that was on the bag and the pancakes were absolutely delicious."

  • "You have a true 1:1 simple to use gluten-free flour. I have used other flours and have never had a product that is so easy to substitute for my own recipes. I followed my recipe for chocolate cake and it tasted better than using regular flour. I have made the waffles, pancakes and pie crust with excellent results."

  • " I can't believe I finally found a gluten-free flour that is not overpriced, adds natural fiber and tastes great. I have used it for cream puffs and a pumpkin roll and my neighbors didn't know they were eating gluten-free."

  • "I was at the Walnut Creek Food Show in March and saw your product. I recently bought a bag at a market in Michigan and am so impressed. I am not the best baker, but my chocolate chip cookies fooled my kids. My husband is a meat and potato man and scoffed at gluten-free....he took 6 cookies to work this morning!"

Our Beginnings...   
    Our Dolch family baking history began in Germany in the 1800's and subsequently relocated to upstate New York at the turn of the century. Great Grandpa C. C. Dolch immediately opened a bakery continuing their printed advertising slogan . "We aim to please the most Particular People." 
    Today, the tradition has been rekindled for those with special dietary gluten-free needs. Our easy to use gluten-free flour will not only save dollars, but most of all, allow a natural taste absent the unfamiliar taste found in many of today's gluten-free selections.

Portrait of the original bakers
(Grandpa "Pa Dolch" with the Dolch Horse-Drawn Bakery Wagon)